Europass has developed a Java-based (Swing) application in order to show how the information contained in a Europass document generated using the online editor, can be extracted and imported into a custom database schema (MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle).

The technology stack used in this example are:

  • JDK7 or newer version.
  • Hibernate ORM for database persistance.
  • Latest version of Xalan Java library for XML transformation and manipulation.


The functionalities covered by this application are:

  • Present a graphical interface to the user allowing to select a Europass document from his local hard disk.
  • Extract the XML from the document.
  • Parse the XML and extract the data.
  • Store the extracted data in a custom schema and present a report to the end user.

How to Use

The Europass Java example, available on GitHub, is based on the Maven build tool.

You can either download it as a zip directly from GitHub, or clone it locally on your computer typing git clone https://github.com/europass/sample-tools-java.git in a terminal. In the latter case, you will need to have Git installed on your computer.

In either case, a Maven installation is required on your computer in order to run the sample application. Check the Maven site for details on installation and usage.