Remote upload and post-back


The remote upload web service has an additional feature to provide a more complete solution. More specifically, with the regular remote upload, after you're finished editing your document, you can save it in the usual locations: PC, Email, Cloud. With this feature - called "Post-back" - in addition to the usual locations, you're also able to save it back to the 3rd party system where the remote upload was initiated.


Here's a typical workflow of how the remote upload and post-back services work:

  1. You provide a link/button somewhere in your own system, which upon clicking sends a POST request to the Europass editor with an XML payload.
  2. The Europass editor opens in a new browser tab, pre-populated with any data found in the POSTed XML.
  3. The user can then edit her information in the Europass editor and as soon as she’s finished she can save the CV to one of the following locations:
    1. Her/his computer
    2. Email
    3. Google Drive
    4. Dropbox
    5. OneDrive
    6. The originating system where the request to the Europass editor started from

Locations 1. to 5. above do not require any kind of authentication by Europass. You can simply send an Europass XML from anywhere to and then you can do whatever you want with your CV (it goes without saying that in order to export it to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, you’ll first have to authenticate with one of those services). You can actually try a live example of this functionality here:

Partner authentication

However, in order to be able to post the CV back to your own system (option f. above), you’ll have to have a "partner-key". In order to get this key, potential partners need to send an email to, providing us with one or more base URLs where the CVs should be posted-back from the Europass editor. The URL(s) can contain only a protocol and a domain (e.g. or be a full path (e.g. Then we provide the corresponding partner with one or more partner-keys (depending on how many base URLs have been sent to us).

Using Post-back

As long as you have a partner-key you can start using the service by POSTing HTTP requests to, including the following three parameters:

  1. europass-xml: The Europass XML payload to upload to the Europass online editor.
  2. partner-key: The aforementioned partner-key.
  3. callback-url: The URL where the document should be posted-back after it has been uploaded and edited in the Europass editor. The callback-url doesn’t have to be identical with the base URL, but it has to start with it (for example, if the base URL is, the callback-url can be or
  4. Partner name: The name of the system that you want to send the document back to (e.g. Extenral System)
  5. Locale: The language of the Europass editors that you would like to use.

Provided that the partner-key and callback-url pair is valid, an extra "External system" button will appear in the export wizard of the Europass editor, as shown below:


By selecting this button, you can post the document back to the originating system/application (in Europass XML format). 

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