Web services

To achieve maximum reusability of personal data and increase the acceptance and visibility of Europass documents, Europass provides a public set of web services.

These services offer conversion methods between various file formats supported by Europass. Europass encourages integration with systems and environments that maintain a repository of personal data such as:

  • job matching services (e.g. job portals, employment services);
  • promotion services (e.g. career guidance, human resource management);
  • profile maintaining services (e.g. blog publishing tools, social networking sites).

Supported file formats are: Europass XML, Adobe PDF with Europass XML attachment, Europass JSON, Microsoft Word 97-2003, OpenDocument v2 Text, HTML, HR-XML, Adobe PDF with HR-XML attachment.

Europass provides two types of web services: a REST full web API, and a way to populate the online editor with data coming from a remote system, which we simply call Remote upload. For more information on the type of services, click on the corresponding link below: can be found in the sections below:

REST API summary Introductory information on Europass REST API
REST API reference Extensive documentation and examples for each REST API service
REST API examples Examples for the Europass REST API
Remote upload Alternative web service to take advantage of Europass online editor
Statistics API Web service to take advantage of statistics gathered from Europass CVs
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