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Similarly to the Java example, Europass has developed a web-based PHP tool to demonstrate how to:

  • import a Europass PDF+XML into a MySQL database;
  • upload Europass PDF+XML CV and fill-in HTML form.

The tool depends on:

  • the latest version of the Apache web server available;
  • the latest version of PHP and the "mod_php" Apache module;
  • the MySQL database server as it is the most commonly used database engine in the PHP community.


The functionalities covered by this tool are:

  • Upload a Europass document generated from the online tool in PDF+XML format.
  • Extract the XML from the document.
  • Parse the XML and extract the data.
  • Use the extracted data to fill in a web form and present it to the end user, or, store the data in a custom schema and present a report to the end user.

How to use

Similarly to the Java sample, the Europass PHP tool is also publicly available on GitHub and is based on the Maven build tool.

You can either download it as a zip directly from GitHub, or clone it locally on your computer typing git clone in a terminal. In the latter case, you will need to have Git installed on your computer.

In either case, a Maven installation is required on your computer in order to run the sample application. Check the Maven for PHP site for details on installation and usage.

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