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Europass has produced an XML vocabulary implemented as an XML schema to describe the information contained in the Curriculum Vitae (CV), Language Passport (LP) and European Skills Passport (ESP). It is considered to be clear and self-explaining, while remaining sound and extensible, and as close as possible to other related vocabularies, as those defined by HR-XML.

Individuals who use the Europass online editor to create a CV, LP or ESP can save it in Europass XML format or PDF format with the XML attached. Both formats can be imported to the Europass online editor at a later stage for editing, or to any other system that understands the Europass XML, thus enabling interoperability.

The reading / parsing of an XML document is relatively straightforward and most programming languages provide extensive support for XML manipulation. The only basic pre-requisite in order to understand and reuse the information expressed in Europass XML is to be familiar with the schema, and to foresee mappings between that and the structure used to internally store the resume-related data. More information about the Europass XML schema can be found in the following sections.

There are no separate, individual schemas per document type. Instead, all Europass documents (CV, ESP, LP) are based on one common XML Schema which has been explicitly designed from the ground up as a generic and reusable model to describe a learner's information, irrespectively of any implementation details. As a result, the Europass documents can be used interchangeably, meaning that it is possible to produce an LP starting from a CV (or an ESP) and vice versa.

XML schema

The latest Europass XML schema is version 3.4.0. The corresponding XML schema definition (which consists of several XSD files, main, included and imported) and related documentation can be downloaded below.

Download Europass XML schema definition, v3.4.0 [europass-xml-schema-definition-v3.4.0.zip]
Download Europass XML schema documentation, v3.4.0 [europass-xml-schema-doc-v3.4.0.pdf]
Download Europass XML schema definition, v3.3.0 [europass-xml-schema-definition-v3.3.0.zip]
Download Europass XML schema documentation, v3.3.0 [europass-xml-schema-doc-v3.3.0.pdf]

XML examples

Below you can find some indicative Europass documents in XML format, based on the latest Europass XML schema, v3.4.0. They can be uploaded to the Europass online editor or sent as input to the Europass web services and converted to any other available format such as PDF or MS DOC. Feel free to use those examples for testing purposes.

Download Europass CV example, XML v3.4.0 [europass-cv-example-v3.4.0.xml]
Download Europass ESP example, XML v3.4.0 [europass-esp-example-v3.4.0.xml]
Download Europass CV+ESP example, XML v3.4.0 [europass-cv-esp-example-v3.3.0.xml]
Download Europass LP example, XML v3.4.0 [europass-lp-example-v3.4.0.xml]
Download Europass CL example, XML v3.4.0 [europass-cl-example-v3.4.0.xml]
Download Europass CL+CV example, XML v3.4.0 [europass-cl-cv-example-v3.4.0.xml]

XML versions and compatibility

The latest Europass XML schema is v3.4.0. This version is currently supported by the following Europass services:

All XML and PDF+XML documents generated by the above mentioned services use XML v3.4.0.

Also, the new CV/LP online editor is backward compatible: it is possible to upload an XML or PDF+XML document that is based on an older Europass XML schema (e.g. v2.0, v1.2, etc. - see XML archive below). The editor will automatically convert the uploaded document to the latest XML version so that it can be further edited and downloaded. Please note that this feature is not available in the Europass REST API but you can pretty much achieve the same functionality by manually converting the older version to the latest one using either one of the available XSLTs below or the XML upgrade REST service.


You can also consult the Europass Compatibility matrix for further details.

XSLTs for version compatibility

In case you are stuck with an older Europass XML version and you cannot adjust your application soon so as to use the latest one, you might consider using one of the following XSL transformations which take an old Europass XML as the source document and convert it to a newer version.

If you are currently using a version older than 2.0, say v1.2, and would like to upgrade to v3.0, a two-step process will need to be followed: first transform v1.2 to v2.0 using europass-cv-v1.2-to-v2.0.xsl and then transform v2.0 to v3.0 using europass-cv-v2.0-to-v3.0.xsl. In any case, these XSLTs should only be used as a temporary workaround and we strongly advise to natively upgrade your system to use the latest Europass XML version as soon as possible.

If XSL is not your thing, you can use the XML Upgrade REST service instead. An advantage of this approach over the XSL transformations is that it doesn't require more than one steps, even if you are upgrading from a Europass XML version prior to 2.0.
Download Europass CV XSLT, v3.2 to v3.3 [europass-cv-v3.2-to-v3.3.xsl]
Download Europass CV XSLT, v3.1 to v3.2 [europass-cv-v3.1-to-v3.2.xsl]
Download Europass CV XSLT, v3.0 to v3.1 [europass-cv-v3.0-to-v3.1.xsl]
Download Europass CV XSLT, v2.0 to v3.0 [europass-cv-v2.0-to-v3.0.xsl]
Download Europass CV XSLT, v1.2 to v2.0 [europass-cv-v1.2-to-v2.0.xsl]
Download Europass CV XSLT, v1.1 to v2.0 [europass-cv-v1.1-to-v2.0.xsl]
Download Europass CV XSLT, v1.0 to v2.0 [europass-cv-v1.0-to-v2.0.xsl]

XML archives

An archive of previous Europass XML versions can be found below. This is only kept for backward compatibility purposes and historical reasons. Please use the latest XML version if you are just starting out with Europass Interoperability.

Europass XML, v3.2.0 Details on Europass XML version 3.2.0
Europass XML, v3.1.2 Details on Europass XML version 3.1.2
Europass XML, v3.1.1 Details on Europass XML version 3.1.1
Europass XML, v3.1.0 Details on Europass XML version 3.1.0
Europass XML, v3.0.3 Details on Europass XML version 3.0.3
Europass XML, v3.0.2 Details on Europass XML version 3.0.2
Europass XML, v3.0.1 Details on Europass XML version 3.0.1
Europass XML, v3.0 Details on Europass XML version 3.0
Europass XML, v2.0 Details on the deprecated Europass XML version 2.0
Europass XML, v1.2 Details on the deprecated Europass XML version 1.2
Europass XML, v1.1 Details on the deprecated Europass XML version 1.1
Europass XML, v1.0 Details on the deprecated Europass XML version 1.0
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