Data model

Europass promotes interoperability by defining a specific data model and vocabulary to express the information contained in Europass documents. This data model is realised in terms of an XML Schema as well as a JSON Schema which:

  • describes the constraints on the structure and on the contents of Europass documents
  • establishes the preferred data interchange format between Europass and other software systems and applications

Example of use: individuals who use the Europass Online Editor to produce a Europass CV, a Language Passport or an European Skills Passport can save the document in Europass XML format or PDF format with the XML attached. This format allows individuals to upload the document on:

  • the Europass editor for online update, saving time and effort when accessing the Europass online editors at a later point, or
  • other systems (job portals, employment / admission services, etc.) that "understand" the Europass vocabulary.

JSON is not currently included in the documents generated by the online editors but is supported by the Europass REST API, as a lightweight alternative to XML. XML too is supported by the REST API. It is up to you and your application's requirements to decide which one of the two formats to use.

In addition to the XML and the JSON Schemas described above, Europass provides various XML utilities. For example, you can upgrade an older Europass XML version to the latest one for compatibility purposes using one of the available XSL Transformations.

If you are planning to integrate your system with Europass in any way, we strongly suggested to get a good grasp of the Europass data model by studying at least the first section below as well as the second one if you intend to use the Europass Web Services with JSON:

XML Resources Extensive documentation and examples around the Europass XML Schema
JSON Resources Information about the Europass JSON Schema and example JSON documents
Compatibility Matrix An overview of version compatibility between XML/JSON and the various Europass services
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