You are browsing an unmaintained, deprecated version of the Europass XML which normally should not be used anymore. Please visit the Data Model / Europass XML section for the latest version.

XML Schema

This is the archived page for the now deprecated Europass XML Schema version 1.0. The corresponding XML Schema Definition (which consists of the main and two included XSD files) can be downloaded below.

Download Europass XML Schema Definition, v1.0 [europass-xml-schema-definition-v1.0.zip]

XML Examples

Below you can find some indicative Europass documents in XML format, based on the deprecated Europass XML Schema, v1.0. They can be uploaded to the Europass online editors or sent as input to the Europass Web Services and converted to any other available format such as PDF or MS DOC. Feel free to use those examples in case you need them for testing and/or backward compatibility purposes.


See also the note on XML Versions and Compatibility as well as the Compatibility Matrix.
Download Europass CV Example, XML v1.0 [europass-cv-example-v1.0.xml]
Download Europass LP Example, XML v1.0 [europass-lp-example-v1.0.xml]