Europass has launched an updated version for the Europass XML. The newer version is 3.0.1 and introduces some minor changes to two included XSD files: i) EuropassLearnerInformation and ii) EuropassPrintingPreferences XSDs.

More specifically, the following changes took place:

  • Personal Statement option added to Headline, see Changelog (2);
  • The ability to control the display in the generated document of the Website of the Educational Organisation, see Changelog (3)

The new version is fully backwards compatible and the business continuity of the Europass online CV/ESP editor and RESTful API is preserved.

The new XML Schema Definition files are available online.


  1. The names of all XSD files are changed to:
    • EuropassSchema_V3.0.1.xsd
    • EuropassLearnerInformation_V3.0.1.xsd
    • EuropassPrintingPreferences_V3.0.1.xsd
  2. Specific changes to EuropassLearnerInformation_V3.0.1.xsd:
    • The type HeadlineTypeLabelType has been enriched with an additional enumeration value: personal_statement
  3. Specific changes to EuropassPrintingPreferences_V3.0.1.xsd:
    • The simple type EducationDetailFieldNames now has a modified pattern to also include the name LearnerInfo.Education.Organisation.ContactInfo.Website