If you are just starting out with the Europass Web Services, use the Europass REST API. As of April 2015, version 1.0 of the Europass SOAP API is no longer available.

SOAP API Documentation

Minimal instructions on how to use the Europass SOAP API v1.0 can be found in the .txt below:

Download Europass SOAP API Documentation, v1.0 [europass-soap-api-doc-v1.0.txt]

SOAP API Clients

Two example clients for the Europass SOAP API v1.0 are included below:

  • Java: Run runtest.bat to produce a pdf CV based on the xml in the same directory. Examine the runtest.bat file for more arguments.
  • Microsoft Excel: Using VBA and Microsoft Office Web Services Package (included) it provides the user with two buttons, one for CV and one for LP, that when pressed ask for the XML file, for the file type, for the locale, for the output document and creates the file needed. This example is very interesting because it demonstrates the capability of the constructed web services to communicate also with Microsoft Platforms, and Web Services Client implementations.
Download Europass SOAP API Java Client, v1.0 [europass-soap-api-java-client-v1.0.zip]
Download Europass SOAP API VBA Client, v1.0 [europass-soap-api-vba-client-v1.0.zip]

In addition, the Java source code is available on GitHub in case you want to experiment with it or re-use it in your own applications.